6 Gifts Your Most Creative Friends Will Love

6 Gifts Your Most Creative Friends Will Love

The world needs creative people. How else would we have music that get stuck in our heads, book we can’t put down, and paintings that we hang in on our homes. Whether you are the creative friend or have a handful of creative friends, shopping for “a creative” can be kind of a challenge. If you’re dating someone who’s creative check out our “Date Night Ideas for Creative Couples“, but if you want to get your date or spouse a gift then what!?

We’re here to help. Painting with a Twist are experts on art, fun, imagination, and of course CREATIVITY. Here are some of our suggestions of 6 great gifts for the creative friends and family in your life.


No. 1 Custom Sketch Book/Note Pad 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.48.16 PM.png

Whether they are an artist, writer, or singer every creative person needs some where to document on their great ideas. Usually an inexpensive item at art stores, you can also add stickers or designs to the sketch pad to make it extra special. If you’re not as creative as the friend you’re gifting, you can create and order a custom handmade sketch pad by Random Acts of Poetry.

No. 2 Local Artwork 

Keep your creative friend inspired by gifting them with some great local art. Houston’s local art scene is diverse and talented so it will be no problem finding something your friend will like. You can a lot of local art at Houston local markets such as Flea at Silver Street, Beers & Art at Saint Arnold Brewing Co. , Buy Black Marketplace, Sawyer Flea, and more. You can find what markets are happening in your area on Eventbrite and Facebook events.

No. 3 Sonos Speakers

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 5.46.50 PM
Image Credit: Theverge.com

Chances are if you have a creative friend they spend a lot of time listening to music. Help you friend stay in the zone and to have to struggle with headphones while they are working and gift them with a Sonos speaker system. Their one of the highest quality wireless speak systems on the market right now and can be control right from your phone. Another great alternative are Beats by Dre Bluetooth Headphones. These you can wear with a cord or detach the cord and listen to wirelessly by connecting with your mobile device or laptop. These are both perfect gifts when you or your friend just want to stay in the zone of what your creating.

No. 4 Something You Made Yourself

Whether you are or are not a creative person, gifting someone with something you made yourself is always meaningful. It means you got creative to make that friend something you knew they would specifically like. If you’re not sure where to start, Pinterest and Instagram are a great source for ideas/inspiration.

No. 5 Art Supply Gift Card

It’s not called “starving artist” for no reason, art supplies are expensive. Helping your friend restock on supplies will make your friend of the year! If your friend is an art student ask them what materials they are need in of for their next project. Or if your friend does art as a hobby ask them their favorite brands of paint or markers. Either way you’ll be know this gift will be put to good use and be much appreciated.

No. 6 Book a Class at Painting with a Twist 

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.59.39 PM

Last but not least, taking a class at Painting with a Twist is great for any friend of any age. Gift your friend with a PWAT gift card so they can choose which painting/class they want to try out. You could also make it a friend date day and take a group of all your creative friends to a class together. It’s a gift that multiple people can enjoy & you can all create a great memory together with.


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