Painting Under the Chandeliers 2018 at The Dunlavy

Painting Under the Chandeliers 2018 at The Dunlavy

Another one of our specialities at Painting with a Twist Houston is are private events and custom paint parties. Anyone can book a private party with us, and we especially love working with our fellow Houston local businesses. Every year we make it a point to work with some of the most well known and high quality restaurants in Houston, including The Dunlavy. The Dunlavy is known for two things its amazing food and it’s gorgeous event space.

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Every month, for the past 5 month, The Dunlavy and Painting with a Twist Heights Studio come together to host Painting Under The Chandeliers. What happens when you combine great food and drinks with painting? You get a one of a kind paint party experience.

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Our Painting with a Twist artist and team transform The Dunlavy’s beautiful space , know for it’s glistening chandeliers, into a full art studio. Every guest is able to eat and drink their favorite Dunlavy items while also creating a custom painting. No wonder why we sell out this event every year.

This year our Painting with a Twist lead artist Stacy was the mistro of this great event. Throughout the whole night she gave guest easy instruction, kept the crowded engaged and laughing, and lead music trivia and other games. The Dunlavy staff provided excellent service throughout the entire evening as well. A popular dish throughout the night were their avocado fries and cheeseboard. The Dunlavy also features a great wine selection, which everyone of course enjoyed as well.

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Overall the night was a success and we thank our whole team, The Dunlavy, and everyone that came. If you would like to partner with Painting with a Twist, and have a paint party set up in your home, office, event space, business space, or any where else contact us or click here.

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