How to Throw a Not Boring Team Building Event

How to Throw a Not Boring Team Building Event

In order to build a great company you need a great team. Your co-workers and staff are the foundation of your business, and making sure your foundation is strong can easily be done through team building exercises or events. What exactly is team building though? The official dictionary definition of team building is:

“The action or process of causing a group of people to work together effectively as a team, especially by means of activities and events designed to increase motivation and promote cooperation.”

The overall purpose of team building is to expose and address problems in the group, facilitate long term relationships, encourage critical thinking and creativity, and improve workplace relationships.

Individually your team can be strong, but if they don’t work well together or have trouble communicating effectively the “foundation” will eventually crack.  The goal is to make sure your employees are viewed and view each other as an interdependent team instead individual workers with individual goals that may not match the desires of the group. Your team should all share the same common goal for your business, whatever it may be.

Typically companies or businesses will conduct team build exercises by doing quite boring and lack luster activities. Why not do something more creative? At Painting with a Twist we love hosting team building events because we get to show our customer’s a new and really fun way to work together and build relationships.

When you book a team building event at Painting with a Twist your staff can create individual pieces or create a group piece together that you can display in your office or store front. You can choose from our massive art library or have a custom piece created for your business. Here are some of our previous team building classes/events:

You can also create a team building event and fundraiser through our Painting with a Purpose program.

If you are interested to host a out of the box and effective team building contact one our seven Houston studios from more information and booking.

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