Pure Art Jr. Offers Art Classes for The Little Picasso In Your Life

Pure Art Jr. Offers Art Classes for The Little Picasso In Your Life

Painting with a Twist Houston is bringing back our Pure Art Jr. after school art program. We’re so excited to bring these classes back to our customers and our little artists. Pure Art Jr. will be available at Painting with a Twist Cypress, Sugar Land, Katy, Memorial, Westheimer, Heights, and Midtown.

We want to make sure you kids have are learning and having fun too! Let us help your little Picasso make memories they can share on your walls. Students that go through the entire program will participate in an end of term art show!

Give your kiddo the gift of art classes with these after school sessions every Tuesday from 4:30PM – 6:00PM. All supplies are provided as well as a snack or you can provide your child with their own snack. Students will be guided through various art techniques and fun activities.

K-2 Grade Weekly Class Curriculum:

  • Week 1: LINE, exploring geometric and organic lines.
  • Week 2: SHAPE, creating 2D and 3D shapes in painting/drawing.
  • Week 3: PATTERN, exploring symmetrical patterns.
  • Week 4: PATTERN 2, exploring Asymmetrical pattern.
  • Week 5: COLLAGE, how to use different shapes & lines to create a scene.
  • Week 6: LANDSCAPE, horizon line, background and foreground.
  • Week 7: STILL-LIFE, horizon line, background, foreground and lighting.
  • Week 8: SILHOUETTE, creating a Silhouette using light.
  • Week 9: PRIMARY COLORS, Red, Yellow and Blue Art Making.
  • Week 10: SECONDARY COLORS, Orange, Green and Purple Art Making.
  • Week 11: TERTIARY COLORS, Brown, Pink, Turquoise, etc.
  • Week 12: SELF- PORTRAIT, creating a simple self-portrait.

3rd-5th Grade Curriculum:

  • WEEK 1: ONE POINT PERSPECTIVE, an exercise in scale.
  • WEEK 2: 2 POINT PERSPECTIVE: Traveling around a corner.
  • Week 3: Atmospheric Perspective: Parts of a landscape
  • Week 4: TEXTURE: Using alternatives to paint brushes to create a textured appearance.
  • Week 5: SILHOUETTE: Creating a dramatic dusky effect with a silhouette.
  • Week 6: CUBIST ART: Cutting objects into shapes.
  • Week 7: IMPRESSIONISM: Pointillism and the photograph.
  • Week 8: POST-IMPRESSIONISTS: The fathers of Modern Art.
  • Week 9: SURREALISM: Paintings based on your dreams.
  • Week 10: FAUVISM Paintings of real things made to be flattened in the picture.
  • Week 11: POP ART: Creating High Brow Art with common every day things.
  • Week 12: Abstract Expressionism: Drip Paintings and Art as Object.

If you want to sign your child up for our Pure Art Jr. program you can register, just choose your local studio and visit that website, scroll down to our January calendar, then choose K-2 or 3-5 grade and sign up. It’s that easy! You can also call our studios and a manager will contact you with more information per requested.


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