How to Throw You’re Own Birthday Paint pARTy

How to Throw You’re Own Birthday Paint pARTy

It can be stressful to plan a birthday party. The paint party experts are here to help!

If you or someone you know have a birthday coming up and are looking for a creative way to celebrate, come host a birthday at Painting with a Twist! The host or birthday girl/boy picks the art work from our library or request a custom painting. Once you have made your painting selection, you will be able to use a custom link to send invitations to your guests and monitor online reservations.

On party day all the host has to do is bring their guest, and bring any food or drinks of their choice (including alcoholic beverages) and we’ll do the rest. Painting with a Twist provides full set up including the canvas, paint, brush, and clean up. Our professional and friendly artist instructors will also carefully guide the party guest on how to create the art work of your choice.

It’s that easy, then you and you’re guest can paint pARTy all night long!

For a limited when you book a private party of 10 people or more any Monday – Thursday the host receives 2 FREE gift certificates to any future public paint party. Just text “PRIVATE PARTY” to (281) 462-5698. – We create FUN art not fine art! You can also fill out our private party request forms here.

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