6 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

6 Creative Ways to Ask Someone to Prom

It’s that time of year…prom season! Prom is a staple event for any high school student and the anticipation can be kind of stressful with trying to find the perfect out fit and pick the perfect restaurant for pre-prom dinner. It can be even more stressful or hectic if you’re planning on asking your potential prom date with a promposal.

Now a days promposals can get very elaborate. However you don’t have to spend a ton of money or time to create a promposal that’s fun, cute, memorable, and creative. At the end of the day your promposal should reflect your personality or your date’s favorite thing so that they know you took the time to really think about and plan it.

You can even set up a promposal at Painting with a Twist. The same way we allow customers to request engagements/marriage proposals is the same way you can set up a prom proposal. Find out more and how to do so here.

Here are a few easy and creative ideas to ask someone to prom. –

Customer Cupcake or Donuts


Surprise them with a sign with their friends help.


Surprise your prom date at their house.


Ask them with their favorite food


Make a funny tee shirt


Create a custom piece of art


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