Creative Cocktails for Your Next Paint & Sip Party

Creative Cocktails for Your Next Paint & Sip Party

At Painting with a Twist we encourage creativity, not just with art but with any thing especially cocktails.

The “twist” part of us is that we allow all adults over 21+ to bring their own beverage or purchase from our diverse drink menu. We want to make sure our customers don’t take our paint parties too seriously, let loose, relax, and most importantly have fun. And of course nothing get the fun started and the creative juices flowing like a colorful cocktail.

Here are some of our favorite “colorful cocktail” recipes. Make a batch for yourself or for you and your friends. Relax and sip in your backyard or paint and sip with us! Either way we’re sure you’ll enjoy these fun cocktails.

If you like light & fruity then you’ll enjoy…

Rose Sangria Spritzer


Sunset Sangria


Autumn Pair Spritzer


If you like bold & fruity then you’ll enjoy…

Tito de Verano


White Wine Mojito


Champagne Paloma


If you like kahlua & coffee then you’ll enjoy…

Irish Coffee


Kahlua Frappe


Pumpkin Apple Shandy








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