Host a Girls Night Out Paint and Sip Your Friends Will Love

Host a Girls Night Out Paint and Sip Your Friends Will Love

After a long week of working, taking care of kids, running errands, and completing the rest of life’s everyday tasks there is almost no better feeling that have some downtown to hang out and have fun with your girlfriends. It’s actually really important to have that quality time with friends. Life is all about balance. Ladies night out is a priceless time for women of all ages all over the world, because when everyone or everything else seem against you at least your girls have your back.

Hosting a girl night out can be a bit intimidating but you’ll make memories you and your girls will never forget. Most of the time a girls night out will consist of bar or club hopping, which is fine, but can definitely get old after a while. If you feel like you’re same ladies night routine is getting boring it’s probably time to try something new.

What is something that all your girlfriends will enjoy, you all can do together, and involves drinks? The answer is…drum roll please…ladies night at Painting with a Twist!

Painting with a Twist Houston has painting’s and classes specifically made for ladies night! You and your gal pals can all come enjoy some drinks and laughs, all while creating a one of a kinda experience with one of a kind art. We also offer private parties with custom painting or painting of your choice for groups of 10 or more. You can make private party request here.

See what some of our customer’s have had to say about our previous ladies night paint classes:

  • This was so much fun, I had a blast painting with a twist!!! I will be doing this once a month, it’s good for a ladies night out with ur family and friends. I appreciate all my family and friends that came out and enjoyed painting with me for my birthday!!!” – L. Jefferson July 2017, Midtown Studio
  • Our instructor was energetic and fun! She played great music, we played games, and she was patient with everyone! Customer service was amazing she truly catered to us thanks we will see you soon again!” – S. Cerf Nov. 2017, Westheimer Studio
  • My friend brought me here for my birthday and it was an absolute great time! Painting and drinking is already a great combination but add in a great instructor and great people it was a blast! I recommend this to everyone and I will absolutely be back!” – E. Duncan Jan. 2017, Katy Studio
 Take a look at some of our ladies night paintings below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So next time you’re getting ready to plan what you and your girls are doing for the weekend, check out the Painting with a Twist calendar and sign up for one of our ladies night classes. It will be a night you and your friends won’t forget.

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